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The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide, Fourth Edition

This is a thoroughly revised edition of the bestselling resource for new teachers.This award-winning book gives beginning educators everything they need to survive and thrive in the classroom. With increased emphasis on professional development and classroom management techniques, new teachers should be able to use the extensive resource to have a successful experience as a first-year teacher.

•A fully revised edition of a trusted resource, offering solutions to challenges and typical scenarios encountered by new teachers

•Downloadable versions of the book's checklists, forms, worksheets, and self-assessments

•Discussion questions and a handy training guide for professional development providers

This popular resource offers teachers an essential guide for knowing what to expect when they begin their career and ideas for solving classroom problems.

Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher, Second Edition

All teachers know that without a mannerly classroom environment, no lesson, no matter how creative, how beautifully planned, or how artfully delivered, can be successful. The goal of every teacher is to help students learn to be successful while managing their own actions. Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher can provide you with the tools you need to accomplish your professional goals as you help your students achieve their dreams.

Some of the 'how to' topics covered in Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher, Second Edition include these:

• How to help students become self-disciplined
• How to teach study skills and time management
• How to identify discipline responsibilities
• How to establish classroom routines
• How to relate well to every student
• How to minimize disruptions
• How to use every minute of instructional time
• How to solve specific discipline problems

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The First-Year Teacher's Checklist

This easy-to-use reference—with hundreds of helpful, classroom-tested answers, ideas, techniques, and teaching tools—will help you on your way to a successful and productive school year. Designed to be flexible, the book offers a choice of ideas and approaches that best fit your classroom situation. Julia Thompson shows you how to:

• Develop successful relationships with students, colleagues, administrators, and parents
• Manage professional responsibilities and develop career skills
• Create an orderly classroom where students are courteous and respectful
• Motivate students to become independent learners
• Use proven strategies to prevent misbehavior
• Design instruction that will appeal to every student
• Set up a classroom for maximum comfort and learning
• Thrive in the world of high-stakes testing

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The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide Professional Development Training Kit

Increase your beginning teachers' chances for success with this comprehensive training package, based on Julia Thompson's bestselling book for new teachers. Dubbed a "mentor in a book," The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide has helped more than 100,000 new teachers create a positive and dynamic learning environment for their students while meeting the challenges of each school day.

This rich multimedia training package distills Thompson's practical approach to teaching and classroom management—honed over thirty years of real-world experience—with ninety-plus minutes of video instruction on such core topics as:

• Using proactive strategies to minimize misbehavior and encourage self-discipline
• Planning productive lessons
• Using class time and space wisely
• Delivering dynamic instruction to meet the needs of all learners
• Working as part of a collaborative school team

The accompanying Facilitator's Manual offers a treasure trove for staff developers:

• a selection of workshop agendas for each video module (to fit a one-day workshop or ongoing training)
• insightful discussion questions to ensure lively workshops
• suggestions for further reading on each topic
• a plethora of free downloadable forms to keep new teachers organized.

Also included is a wealth of tips to ensure workshops stay engaging and productive. With this comprehensive training package, schools and districts can get an effective teacher induction program up and running for a fraction of the cost of hiring an outside trainer.

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