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Practical Help for  Classroom Teachers

Exciting Changes This Spring with the Publication of the Fifth Edition!

The fifth edition of The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide will be published this spring! Michelle Cummings, a nationally recognized educator, took on the task of updating the material in the fourth edition so that today's new teachers can not only survive, but thrive. Michelle is a terrific choice for this task as she has extensive experience as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and as the former Chief Academic Officer at Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). She graduated from Brown University and earned her Ed.M. at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Michelle can be contacted for workshops and speaking engagements through her website (www.michelle-cummings.com) where she also shares insights on a wide range of educational topics. Her expert insight into the challenges that beginning teachers face is evident in up-to-date advice to help novice teachers develop practical classroom skills. What a pleasure it is to see that the impact of The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide will be even stronger as Michelle lends her voice, her experience, and her understanding to the task of making that first year a positive one!