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Good teaching does not happen by accident or in chaos. A great teacher makes hundreds of deliberate choices every day!

Resources for Teachers

eClassroom Course Designed for New Teachers
Teams from Wiley & Sons and Knowledge Delivery Systems have created an eCourse designed to help new teachers not just survive, but thrive in their first years. Focused on practical skills and useful advice for immediate classroom use, the course is based on the information in The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide.
For First-Year Teachers
This third edition of the bestselling First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide is packed with more than 500 pages of updated, inspiring, and practical advice for new teachers. ISBN: 978-1-118-45028-4 Paperback 560 pages July 2013
For Professional Development Leaders
This training package offers two DVD presentations, a facilitator's manual, dozens of study guide questions, and one-hundred downloadable handouts. Julia G. Thompson ISBN: 978-1-1180-9569-0 Video January 2012
For Secondary Teachers
This practical, hands-on resource is packed with ideas, techniques, tools, and activities to help teachers maintain a postive classroom environment. It includes over 50 ready-to-use-or-adapt forms, checklists and letters. Publisher: John Wiley Sons. ISBN: 978-0-87628-434-6Paperback, 384 pages.
For New Teachers in a Hurry
This easy-to-use reference—with hundreds of helpful, classroom-tested answers, ideas, techniques, and teaching tools—will help you on your way to a successful and productive school year. Publisher: John Wiley Sons. Julia G. Thompson ISBN: 978-0-470-39004-7Paperback 224 pages April 2009

The Secret to Daily Organization at School? Your Professional Binder Can Help!

As a teacher with literally decades of experience, I know that being very organized makes my school life much easier. Because I have learned--often the hard way--to be very deliberate and methodical in my approach to my professional responsibilities, my school days are much smoother now than they were when I first became a teacher.

I try hard to set a good example for my students of how to work efficiently. I really don't want them to sit around doing nothing because I have not done all that I can do to make class interesting and engaging.

Instead of looking for a missing hall pass or trying in vain to remember a password to an online site or giving in to any of the other time wasters at school, I can just reach for my handy binder with the professional documents that I need stored in an easy-to-use format.

To make your professional life easier, less stressful, and more rewarding, I would like to offer you the contents of my own personal professional binder. If you are familiar with any of my books, you will notice that many of the forms are electronic versions of ones in either The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide or Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher. Still others are personal ones that work well in my classroom and with my students. If they can work for you, please help yourself.

Please feel free to download the forms that will work for you and your students. Tweak them. Adjust them for your needs. Print, punch, and store them in a handy three-ring binder of your own. If you want to go paperless, these forms can certainly be stored in an electronic binder.

It does not really matter what format you use to be organized as long as you find a method that works well for you and your students. If my professional binder can help, I am glad.

~Julia Thompson