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A Gentle (and Funny) School Sign at the KDS Filming in Phoenix, Arizona

Positive messages create a positive atmosphere

Teachers working together in Worcester, Maryland, start of school workshop on creating a postive classroom.

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This fourth edition of the bestselling First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide is packed with more than 500 pages of updated, inspiring, and practical advice for new teachers. ISBN: 978-1-119-47036-6 May 2018, Jossey-Bass 544 pages
This practical, hands-on resource is packed with ideas, techniques, tools, and activities to help teachers maintain a postive classroom environment. It includes over 50 ready-to-use-or-adapt forms, checklists and letters. Publisher: John Wiley Sons. ISBN: 978-0-87628-434-6Paperback, 384 pages.
This easy-to-use reference—with hundreds of helpful, classroom-tested answers, ideas, techniques, and teaching tools—will help you on your way to a successful and productive school year. Publisher: John Wiley Sons. Julia G. Thompson ISBN: 978-0-470-39004-7Paperback 224 pages April 2009
For Professional Development Leaders
This training package offers two DVD presentations, a facilitator's manual, dozens of study guide questions, and one-hundred downloadable handouts. Julia G. Thompson ISBN: 978-1-1180-9569-0 Video January 2012

Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher, Second Edition

If you teach, you will have discipline problems. In fact, discipline problems in today’s secondary classrooms are so prevalent and disruptive that in survey after survey teachers report that their frustrations with discipline issues are the most unpleasant part of their profession.

The failure to manage a classroom successfully is often the reason that even the most dedicated teachers leave education for a less stressful career.

If you are a teacher who has faced challenging and discouraging discipline problems, the second edition of Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher has been written specifically for you. You will find valuable, classroom-tested advice on how to adopt a comprehensive approach to discipline as you work to create a positive classroom environment.

You will learn how to help your students become self-disciplined, goal-oriented, successful learners as you hone your skills and enhance your charisma as a classroom leader.

Each section of Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher offers a variety of sound ideas and teaching tools designed to enable you to apply the most up-to-date theories and research about crucial topics such as student motivation, classroom management systems, teacher-student relationships, effective instructional techniques, student safety, and the importance of high expectations.

This book also provides workable suggestions about how to prevent discipline issues from disrupting the learning climate in your classroom. As you work through each section, you will also find reproducible activities for your students, forms to help you efficiently organize your school day, and opportunities to reflect on your strengths as an educator. The realistic support and invaluable guidance within each section will enable you to create an orderly, positive, productive classroom where all of your students can learn and succeed."

Section Titles for Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher, Second Edition

I. Successful Discipline Rests with You

II. Adopt a Comprehensive Approach for a Successful Discipline Climate

III. Cultivate Your Role as a Classroom Leader

IV. Establish a Positive Classroom Environment

V. Promote Self-Discipline

VI. Use Classroom Management Systems

VII. Create and Maintain a Partnership with Students’ Families

VIII. Establish a Cooperative Classroom Climate

IX. Maintain Order with Effective Instruction

X. Motivate Students to Perform Well

XI. Prevent Discipline Problems

XII. Cope Successfully with Discipline Problems Once They Occur